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Wimbledon Men's Tennis Betting: What is the Wimbledon Championship?

The Wimbledon Championships is a major tennis tournament and is one of the Grand Slam events, alongside the French Open, US Open, and Australian Open.

The first Wimbledon event was held in 1877, making it the oldest professional tennis tournament in the world.

Located in London, England, the Wimbledon Championship is played on outdoor grass courts, usually in June or July every year.

Read on to learn how to bet on this prestigious tennis tournament at and discover the best tennis betting odds online .

When is Wimbledon 2024?

Wimbledon 2024 will run from Monday, 1 July to Sunday, 14 July 2024. As always, the event will take place in Wimbledon, located on the outskirts of London, England.

Format & Schedule of Wimbledon 2024

Wimbledon will be played over fourteen days at the start of July. Organisers have done away with the “middle Sunday” that historically provided a day of rest to players.

The men’s singles first round will take place at the start of July, and the winners of each round will progress through to the competition’s knockout stages.

The final is scheduled on Wimbledon’s Centre Court for Sunday, 14 July. The women’s Wimbledon Championship runs concurrently with the men’s event.

How to Bet on Men’s Wimbledon Tennis & Tennis Bet Types is the home of tennis betting and the perfect place for Wimbledon betting. Here are some of the different tennis bet types that you can place on your favourite players this year:

Moneyline (Head-to-Head)

The easiest way to bet on Wimbledon is to pick the winner of a match-up. Also known as a head-to-head bet, the moneyline is a wager on one player to defeat another on the court and progress to the next round of the competition.


An outright Wimbledon bet is a wager on the player you think will win the tournament. You can place an outright wager before the tournament or when the action is underway.

Correct score

A correct score bet in tennis is a bet on the final score of a match. For instance, you might think a Wimbledon match will end 3-0 or 3-1 in favour of a player.


In tennis, a handicap bet is a wager on a player you think will win, with a handicap applied. So, for instance, the favourite will need to overcome a one-set handicap to win against their opponent.


An over/under tennis bet is a totals bet and is a wager on how many sets (or games) you think will be played in a match. All you need to do is predict whether under or over the total given will be played.

Double result

A double result bet on tennis allows you to bet on two outcomes with the same stake – for instance, the first set and outright winner of a match.

X set winner

As tennis is a game of sets, you can bet on which player you think will win the first, second, or even third set.

X set total games

A bet on the total number of games that you think will be played in a specific set. Again, this is an over/under bet.

1st set correct score

A correct score bet enables you to bet on the exact score you think the first set will finish, be it 6-1, 6-2, or 6-3, for example.

Exact sets

An exact sets bet is a wager on the number of sets you think will be played in a match, for instance, 3, 4, or 5.

Live Betting Options for Men’s Wimbledon Tennis

As well as making pre-tournament and pre-match selections, you can also place live bets while watching Wimbledon. Live tennis betting options include the player you think will win the next game, how many faults you believe will occur in a game, and even who you think will win the next point.

For more information about the differences between live and pre-match betting, refer to our helpful guide.

Live Streaming Tennis on Stake

You can live stream all major tennis events, completely free, on Stake Sportsbook. Simply log in to your account and live stream sports directly from your account dashboard. Select the streaming icon next to the match to start watching.

Check out our guide to live streaming sports on Stake for more information.

Men’s Wimbledon Tennis Betting Odds & Payouts

At, you can adjust your settings to view the best tennis odds in different ways – fractional (4/1), decimal (4.0), or American (+400). is an online betting platform that offers instant deposits and withdrawals via Moonpay . Find out more about payouts by referring to our depositing and withdrawal guide .

Men’s Wimbledon Tennis Betting Tips, Picks & Strategies

To make some winning selections at Wimbledon this year, here are some tennis betting tips that you can use to inform your betting strategy:

Other Major ATP Tennis Tournaments

Wimbledon is one of the four tennis Grand Slams, alongside the French, US, and Australian Open. Other major events on the ATP calendar include the Madrid Open and the Monte Carlo Masters, each of which you can bet on at Stake.

If you don’t want to wait between ATP and WTA tennis tournaments, you can bet on ITF events and even simulated reality tennis events, offering you many choices when placing your sports bets at