Field Hockey Betting Odds & Betting Markets Online

Several major field hockey leagues and tournaments run throughout the season, offering sports bettors ample opportunities to place winning wagers on the action.

Among the most prominent tournaments are the Hoofdklasse , Pro League , and World Cup , all of which you can bet on at Stake online sportsbook .

Field hockey fans can place various wagers on field hockey, including 1x2 bets and Asian handicap wagers, depending on how you think the action will unfold on the field.

When you create an account at, you can add the cryptocurrency of your choice to your betting account and start field hockey betting immediately.

Here, we explain what you need to know about betting on this fast-paced sport so that you can pick winners and profit from the excitement throughout the field hockey season.

Major Field Hockey Leagues and Tournaments

Field hockey is popular in many parts of the world, and domestic and international tournaments run throughout the season. Some of the major field hockey leagues and tournaments that you can bet on at include the following:

  • Hoofdklasse – The top men’s field hockey division in the Netherlands, the Hoofdklasse is one of the leading European hockey leagues and features some of the best teams and players in the world.

  • Pro League (men’s and women’s ) – The FIH Pro League is an international field hockey competition that serves as a qualifier for the World Cup and Olympics.

  • World Cup – The field hockey World Cup is the biggest international tournament, typically held every 3-4 years. You can bet on all the World Cup fixtures at

  • Olympics – The Olympic Games need little introduction. Field hockey is a prominent sport within the competition, offering you the chance to bet on hockey alongside multiple other sports that you might not usually tune into.

With a wide range of field hockey betting markets, you can find all of the major hockey leagues and tournaments on our platform, offering you the chance to pick your winners and bet on the most prestigious sports fixtures throughout the season.

How to Bet on Field Hockey and Types of Bets

After deciding on the field hockey game, league, tournament you wish to bet on, you need to consider the different betting lines and options available. There are several different wagers you can place on field hockey, including:


A 1x2 field hockey bet is the simplest of them all and enables you to bet on the outcome of a match. 1 refers to a home win, x refers to a draw, and 2 refers to an away win, covering all bases as far as field hockey matches are concerned.

Asian handicap

A popular bet in field hockey and other sports is an Asian handicap wager . Each team is handicapped according to their form, and the stronger team must overcome a deficit for your bet to succeed. Asian handicap bets are a great option when you’re betting on a field hockey match with a clear favourite.

Asian total

In field hockey betting, an Asian total wager is a two-way wager where you can decide whether over or under a specific number of goals will be scored. This is a betting option well worth considering if you can’t pick a winner out of the two teams competing, as the only thing that matters in an Asian total bet is how many goals are scored, and it doesn’t matter which team scores them.

Field Hockey Betting Tips and Strategies

The best way to make the most of field hockey betting this season is to develop a strategy and consider some top tips to help pick winners. So, to improve your chances of making a profit, consider the following information:

  • Research is key: As is the case with any sports bet, research is key before betting on field hockey. Begin by looking at a field hockey team’s form and head-to-head history against their opponents, as this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

  • Look at injuries: Injuries play a big part in any successful field hockey betting strategy, so you need to think carefully about who is available for selection. If a team is missing their star player, it will significantly affect its chances of winning the match.

  • Consider scheduling: When betting on international field hockey, it’s helpful to consider a team’s recent scheduling. If they have travelled a significant distance for the fixture or played a significant number of games in a short time, they might suffer from fatigue, making them less likely to win the game.

  • Understand the game: Field hockey is relatively easy to understand as sports go. That being said, it’s important to watch a decent number of field hockey matches before placing a bet, so you know what’s going on and understand the rules. Be sure to tune into some domestic action before betting on big tournaments like the World Cup so you know what to expect.

  • Take advantage of same game multi betting: Use our 'Bet Builder' function to place same game multi bets and place multiple selections on the single betting slip. This is an easy way to boost your odds on a specific fixture! Learn more with our same game multi betting guide .

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Live Betting Options for Field Hockey

All major field hockey tournaments are broadcast live on TV, with many available to stream online. Therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to watch live field hockey while placing bets in real-time, which is the perfect way to capitalise on the game as it’s progressing.

At, you have several field hockey live betting options to make things interesting. Some popular live betting wagers include the next goalscorer, the next team to score, and the number of penalties in a half.

You can access field hockey live betting options via your account to make your selections when the game is live.

Remember that field hockey is a fast-paced sport, and things happen quickly, so you need to pay attention when placing your bets, as live betting markets are subject to change.

Field Hockey Betting Odds and Payouts

When you bet on field hockey at, you can see the odds as fractions (3/1), decimals (3.00), or in the American format (+300). They all mean the same thing, and you can adjust your settings to reflect how you wish to see the odds represented.

In terms of payouts, one of the best things about betting on field hockey is that you can access your winnings right away, thanks to our instant withdrawals.

Why Bet on Field Hockey on

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