Rocket League Betting Guide - Latest Betting Odds & Markets

The Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game using rocket-powered cars. The arcade-style driving game is an exciting mix of car racing and soccer that’s now taking the eSports world by storm.

As the number of top-class tournaments and events grows, the opportunity for Rocket League betting expands. You can now place bets on the biggest, most exciting Rocket League clashes right here at

Since California-based Psyonix released the game in 2015, its high-octane sporting action has hooked gamers on platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. New features, maps and game modes have been added over the years to keep the audience engaged, whether home gamers or professional players on the eSports circuit.

With popular eSports such as League of Legends (LoL), Dota2, Call of Duty (COD) , and Arena of Valor (AoV), Esports betting has become increasingly popular amongst keen sports bettors online. Learn everything there is to know about Rocket League eSports with our betting guide and tips at Stake Sportsbook .

Rocket League Teams and Tournaments

With eSports continuing to grow, fuelled by live streams on Twitch and YouTube, watched the world over, it’s no surprise that Rocket League’s novel and entertaining format would take to the big stage. Various big tournaments run throughout the year, such as RLCS, Electronic Sports League (ESL), and Major League Gaming (MLG), all of which are available for Rocket League betting opportunities.

The key events to look out for on Stake include:

Rocket League Championship Series

The RLCS is the premier series for the game, currently offering a cool $6,000,000 prize pool. The series is split into three: Fall, Winter and Spring Splits. Each Split has three regional events (i.e. European or Asian), and after a series of qualifiers, 16 teams come together to play for International Majors.

Teams earn points for progressing in the Splits, with the totals combined to determine the overall winner. Some regions are considered easier, and so points are weighted.

Women’s Car Ball Championship

This female-only series operates worldwide and now features a second division or Challengers League. Matches are streamed weekly, with the final top teams entering a playoff format to determine the champion.

Regional tournaments

Even some of the regional events, like the North American Collegiate Rocket League, which Psyonix organises, get a lot of traction. Crimson Wings also organises leagues in the US. But you are less likely to see these games feature on Stake owing to the small geographical target.

How to Bet on Rocket League eSports and Bet Types

Similar to a soccer match, Rocket League betting has familiar markets, so it’s perhaps easier to get started with this eSport than others.

The main types of bets are:

  • Outright winner – select the team you think will end the overall winner of a tournament. You will likely get better odds on your favourite teams the earlier you place your bet before matches begin.

  • Match winner – perhaps the easiest (and so most common) way to enjoy Rocket League betting is to predict which of the two teams you think will win the individual match.

  • Handicap betting – if one team is a big favourite, handicap betting is a way to even things up in a betting sense. For example, Moist eSports might be a big favourite to beat Quadrant. Here, the handicap bet might be -2, meaning Moist would need to win by three goals or more for your bet to come in. On the flip side, if you back Quadrant at +2, they would have to lose by a single goal (or win the game) for you to win.

  • Goals over/under – sets a line on the expected total number of goals in a game. You select whether there will be more or fewer than that total.

  • Correct score – As simple as it sounds, get the score right to win.

  • First goalscorer – Which player will drive to the ball and knock it into the goal first?

  • Specials – Consider these prop bets, like which team will score the most goals or whether a playing period will remain goalless.

eSports Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

There are some key things you must do if you’re going to find success at Rocket League betting. All it needs is a little research.

Simply guessing the outcome of upcoming tournaments based on the odds is not the best betting strategy for success. Instead, take note of our elite sports betting tips , as well as the following techniques to increase your betting potential:

  • Learn the game’s rules – You’ll be at a major disadvantage if you don’t know how Rocket League is played. Get to know how teams play, how to score, and the times allowed for each period and game.

  • Understand tournament formats – All Rocket League tournaments and leagues follow different formats, with leagues or knockout stages or a bit of both. Some also have longer matches. With this in mind, keep up to date, so you are not placing bets that make little sense.

  • Keep up with the news and stats – By regularly following the action and reading up on the game, you’ll spot betting opportunities. Perhaps a team’s key player is out for an upcoming match, something that should affect the odds, but you spot they haven’t shifted. Getting a grip on the stats might also throw up anomalies, like a lower-ranked team regularly getting good results against a particular opponent.

If you're keen to learn more, our eSports betting guide , and ultimate guide to online sports betting has everything you need to know to help get you started on your betting journey!

Live Betting Options for Rocket League

The enjoyable and easy-to-follow nature of Rocket League makes it ideal for streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Streaming brings larger audiences, and that’s when the oddsmakers at Stake are more likely to put on live betting markets .

You can place bets during the action while you watch it. It’s a fun way to enjoy your eSports betting, as the odds change by the second, depending on what’s happening during the match.

Learn more about the differences between live betting vs. pre-match betting and how to devise the best betting strategy to win at Stake.

Rocket League Betting Odds and Payouts

Stake makes it easy for you to make your Rocket League betting selections. Once on the platform, you can choose whichever odds format works best for you. Pick from:

  • Decimal

  • Fractional

  • American

  • Hong Kong

  • Malaysian

  • Indonesian

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Bonus Facts About Rocket League

  • The soundtrack to the Rocket League game (which was originally going to be called Battle-Cars 2) includes tracks from popular artists like Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION.

  • Players can customise their cars with special decals, wheels and other cosmetic items, perfect for pimping your ride.

  • The ball in the game is much larger than in real life, making it easier for the cars to hit and score a goal.