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Squash Betting & Betting Odds Online at Stake

Squash is a fun and fast-paced sport that is super popular in many parts of the world. As well as being great for your health and fitness when playing, watching and betting on squash is an excellent way to enjoy the game’s elite level.

Squash betting at Stake online sportsbook couldn’t be easier, with squash opens from Singapore, Egypt, Rhode Island, Hong Kong, and France all available to bet on. You can also place bets on all major international squash tournaments , such as the Commonwealth Games.

To start placing your bets on squash, simply create an account and add the cryptocurrency of your choice, thanks to our instant crypto deposit process. You can then place a wide range of squash bets, including outright winner, total, and correct score wagers, depending on how you see the action unfolding.

Discover Stake Sportsbook's guide for squash betting and find out the best squash betting tips and learn how you can profit from placing wagers on popular squash events.

Squash Leagues and Tournaments

Squash is a sport played in many different parts of the world, with a huge selection of tournaments taking place throughout the calendar year. Some of the squash competitions that you can bet on at include:

  • Singapore Squash Open : $110,000 is up for grabs in the MARIGOLD Singapore Squash Open, one of Asia’s most significant squash events.

  • Hong Kong Open : With $170,000 in prize money at stake, the Hong Kong Open is another major squash tournament in Asia.

  • Egyptian Open: The CIB Egyptian Open is Africa’s premier event, enabling fans to tune into squash in the desert.

  • Rhode Island Open: Part of the PSA World Tour, the Rhode Island Open offers players the chance to battle it out for $20,000 in prize money.

  • Open de France: One of Europe’s biggest squash tournaments, the Open de France offers $55,000 in prize money and attracts the best players worldwide.

Squash is also played at the Commonwealth Games, enabling you to bet on the sport at one of the most significant events on the calendar. In other words, you have so many options on our squash betting platform, and you can place wagers on prestigious squash events throughout the year.

How to Place Bets for Squash and Types of Squash Bets

Once you have decided on the tournament you want to bet on, it’s time to consider the different wagers you can place on squash. You have lots of options when it comes to the types of bets in squash, including:

Outright winner

The easiest way to get into squash betting is to place a bet on the outright winner of a match. Here, you only need to bet on which player you think will win a match or an entire tournament, and it’s a brilliant way to back your favourite players throughout the season.

Point handica

Handicap betting is prevalent in all sports, as it’s a way of levelling the playing field. In squash, a point handicap is applied to the favourite, and if you bet on them to win, they will need to overcome the deficit for your bet to be successful.

Total (incl. overtime)

In squash, each game is scored to 11, and if the game is tied 10-10 at the end of regular play, the game continues until one of the players wins by two clear points. Therefore, a total bet is where you bet on the total number of points scored in a squash game.

It doesn’t matter who wins or which player scores the most points; the only thing that matters is how many points are scored in total.

Correct score (sets)

Another popular squash betting option is a correct score wager, where you place a bet on what you think the score will be at the end of the match.

A typical squash match is played in a best-of-five format, meaning that the first player to win three sets wins the game. As such, you can place a correct score bet on squash, enabling you to bet on whether the match will end 3-0 or 3-2, for instance.

Squash Betting Guide and Betting Tips for Success

To get the most out of our betting markets, it’s important to develop a squash betting strategy and follow some tips to help you make winning selections. Some top tips for successful squash betting include:

  • Research form and injuries: The first thing you need to do before placing a squash wager is to consider how any injuries will affect the competing field. You also need to look at whether a player is in or out of form, as this will affect their final position in the tournament.

  • Consider previous performance: Some players perform well at specific tournaments, while others have a history of crashing out at the first hurdle. You should check a player’s previous performance at each of the major squash tournaments before backing them, as there may be patterns you can use to your advantage when making your selections.

  • Analyse statistics: Statistics are really helpful when it comes to squash betting. Look at how often a player takes their matches to overtime and how strongly (or weakly) they typically start their matches. The more you dive into statistics, the easier it will be to identify value when making your selections.

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Live Betting Options for Squash

Many of the most popular squash tournaments are broadcast live on TV, and some are live-streamed on YouTube.

Therefore, you have the perfect opportunity to tune into live squash while placing bets.

You have lots of live betting options, and you can bet on who will win the next point, how many points will be scored in a particular set, and whether you think a match will go to overtime. In other words, you have many live betting options for squash at

Squash Betting Odds and Payouts

If you’re new to squash betting, it’s essential to understand how odds are represented. At, you can adjust your settings to display odds as fractions (3/1), decimals (3.00) or in the American format (+300). They all mean the same thing so that you can set your odds according to your preferences.

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Why Bet on Squash at

Squash betting at couldn’t be easier. You can bet on all major tournaments, including Open Championships in different parts of the world.

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