Olympic Games Paris 2024 Betting Odds - Bet on the Summer Olympics

The spotlight will fall on Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games, and as always, the greatest show on earth promises to be an incredible spectacle filled with moments of sporting brilliance. But before the serious stuff gets underway, the lighting of the Olympic flame and torch relay are iconic parts of the Olympics , paying homage to the original incarnation.

Over 10,000 athletes will descend upon the French capital this summer, and there is a mixture of captivating individual events and team competitions that will be run over the space of a fortnight. Ultimately, the competitors will have one target in mind which is to accrue as many gold medals as possible and finish as high up the medals table as possible for their respective countries.

Apart from the sporting fanfare, there will be plenty of betting markets available across a myriad of sports at online sportsbooks for sports bettors to sink their teeth into. Indeed, for all Olympic sports, there will be plenty of lines plugged by Stake which will be competitive to garner interest.

Learn how to untangle aspects of how to bet on Paris Olympics 2024, from strategies and filling in a betting slip to popular team sports to wager on. Join us to find out what you should know about Paris 2024.

2024 Paris Olympic Games Overview

Traditionally held in the summer, and once every four years, various cities bid to host the Olympic Games. They will seek to implement a unique vision for how to stage the Games, and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will assess each bid on various factors, such as national development plans before things are put to a vote.

Paris, which became the first city to hold an Olympics outside of Greece in 1900, was chosen this year, staging 329 events across 19 days of competition. Everything gets underway on July 26, and the Olympics will run to August 11.

Each year, the nominated Olympic host submits a proposal to the IOC for new sports to be incorporated into the Games, and the four sporting disciplines that have been included are breakdancing (Olympic debut), sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing.

For new sports, there may well be additional markets advertised, and in the next section, we will divulge more details on how to bet on the Olympics at Stake , and discuss the types of betting lines you can take advantage of.

How to Bet on the 2024 Summer Olympics

Stake has plenty of l ow vig betting opportunities along with sports promotions for bettors to take advantage of. Should sports fans wish to get involved, it is easy to locate betting odds across a wide range of markets and Olympic events.

Filling in the intuitive betting slip is straightforward. Once you are settled on a betting market, you can confirm your bets and stake amount, and then it is a waiting game to see if your wagers have paid off. If you're new to betting on sports, read our beginners betting guide before getting started.

There will be a smattering of markets, but below, we have addressed some of the most popular sports betting lines you can tap into to enhance your betting experience:

  • Moneyline betting - This is a great starting point for novice bettors, as it entails predicting the match winner of an event, and in athletics, for example, this might be guessing who will win a heat or a Final.

  • Totals bets - For example, in football, this will bear resemblance to Asian total where you are betting on the number of goals over/under. So, if you bet on Over 2.5 goals, there will need to be 3 or more goals scored for you to return a win on your wager.

  • Parlay betting - Essentially, this entails placing multiple picks into one betting slip like a multi bet builder , and all legs must win for you to be successful. Parlays are great for an Olympic tournament when betting on the same game.

  • Futures odds - Taking a longer term perspective of proceedings, futures bets and futures betting options are plentiful, and they can be highly profitable. You can wager on outright lines, such as the number of gold medals that Team USA might walk away with or who will win the most medals individually.

Popular Olympic Sporting Events, Teams & Athletes

The Olympics make for compelling viewing, and there are a plethora of Olympic team and individual competitions that will be rife with betting opportunities. We have explored them in more depth below:


Outside of the NBA, basketball is one of the most celebrated team competitions at the Olympics. The United States basketball team, for example, is the most decorated in Olympic history, and Team USA will be targeting a 5th straight Olympic basketball gold medal.

Kevin Durant is one of the most illustrious stars on the side, and he is looking to clinch a 4th gold medal. Whether you wish to wager on the totals over/under market or the moneyline, you will find what you are looking for at Stake, and that includes live vs pre-match betting lines .


Split into track and field, athletics usually experiences a surge in betting activity. The track garners plenty of attention, with the 100m the jewel in the crown.

The USA and Jamaica are among the national teams that have more than contributed their fair share of medals in terms of medal count. Both have been renowned for producing blistering male sprinters over the years, and that includes the likes of Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay, Usain Bolt, and Yohan Blake, who all blazed a trail during their careers.


If there is one event that unites the world, then it is the beautiful game of football , which is one of the most popular team sports. With a massive following, the Olympics has become the perfect breeding ground for emerging talent.

With only 3 players over the age of 23 allowed to feature, the Olympics has seen young emerging stars make their mark. Nevertheless, Neymar clinched gold for Brazil in 2016 in Rio with a 4-goal showing when he was 24.


The world’s top tennis stars will congregate for the Olympics, and outside of the majors, it is one of the more prestigious events. You can locate exciting props , such as the number of aces to be served or the number of games won, and while it has been held sporadically, it has been on the calendar since 1988 in Seoul.

Andy Murray, Roger Federer (doubles), Rafael Nadal, and Alexander Zverev are among those who have been crowned Olympic champions.


Dive into the deep end, and pluck out some great lines with swimming . Awash with drama and intrigue, the likes of Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe have more than weighed in with their fair share in terms of medal count for Team USA and Australia during past Olympics, but it’s not just the individual events that have captured the imagination.

The team events, more specifically, the relay competitions have brought about some incredible sporting moments over the years too.

Table Tennis

Enormously popular in Asia, table tennis which is played by 40 million around the globe has been a near ever-present feature at the Olympics. Providing high-octane action, singles and mixed doubles are played as a best-of-7 games affairs, and it is the first to 11 points. In the event of a game being tied at 10-10, a player must win by 2 clear points.

For Team France, home hopes will rest with Felix Lebrun, who is the top-ranked European player.

Olympic Sports Betting Tips

The principles of sports betting are largely the same for any given event whether that be on how to read sports betting odds or otherwise. To keep you on the right path, we have outlined a few tips that should keep you on the right track:

  • Manage your bankroll well - While Stake offers plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, including crypto , don’t bet more than you can afford. If you are new to sports betting, wager small amounts first so you don’t surpass financial expectations.

  • Specialise in one sport or market - With a smorgasbord of live sports covered at the Olympics, it can be quite easy to get lost in the thick of all. Instead, be calm and carve out a niche in one sport or market before spreading your wings.

  • Take advantage of promotions - Stake always has a regular gamut of recurring bonuses , and these may even be event-specific. Whatever it is, whether it be free bets or reload deals, or even forum challenges , jump on board these deals as they will keep your bankroll ticking over.

  • Get the latest insights - Make sure to check out Stake’s dedicated blog , so you keep on top of all the latest news and updates from the Olympic Village. Such developments could influence your picks whether it be an injury or untimely disqualification.

Olympic Games Paris 2024 Betting Odds & Payouts

Expect there to be a huge surge in betting volume during the Olympics. At Stake, we are well versed in providing odds across a variety of formats, including American, fractional, and decimal.

Arguably, fractional odds are the easiest to understand. So, for example, if you were betting on Noah Lyles to win gold at odds of 9/2 and you staked $30, then you would win $135 and that would include your initial wager.

Odds will tend to fluctuate in the lead-up to events, but the higher the number, the longer the price, and inevitably, the more risk will be attached.

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Above all else, when wagering on the Olympics, it is advised to Stake smart . Stake is committed to responsible gambling , so you can get the most from your time betting there. Remember, when the fun stops, stop!