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World Baseball Classic
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World Baseball Classic (WBC) 2023 Betting Odds & Lines

As popular as Major League Baseball is, the World Baseball Classic (WBC) offers players the chance to become world champions while representing their nations.

The WBC is one of the most prestigious sporting events on the calendar and is a must-watch for baseball fans all around the world.

So, learn how to bet on the World Baseball Classic this year and discover some tips to help you make a profit when betting on baseball online at Stake Sportsbook .

When was World Baseball Classic 2023?

The World Baseball Classic is a two-week tournament and ran from March 8 to March 21 in 2023. The tournament played across three host nations – Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, with 20 teams competing. The Japan National Baseball Team took the title and won the World Baseball Classic 2023.

What year is the next World Baseball Classic?

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) will return in 2026, with 16 teams qualifying for the 2026 tournament by being in the top four of their pool in the World Baseball Classic 2023.

History of World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic was launched in 2006 and is an international baseball tournament run by the WBSC. The event’s winner becomes “World Champion” - the highest distinction in international baseball, alongside the World Series of Major League Baseball for club teams.

The premise of the WBC is modelled on the FIFA World Cup in soccer and is an event for the world’s leading international baseball teams.

Japan won the first tournament in 2006 and retained the crown in 2009. The Dominican Republic won in 2013, while the United States became world champions for the first time in 2017.

The 2020 event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that the 2023 event will be the first WBC in six years – adding to the sense of anticipation for the start of this international baseball tournament.

Which Teams Played in World Baseball Classic 2023?

Puerto Rico, Team USA, and Team Dominican Republic contested the prize again in 2023, while many baseball fans expected Japan, South Korea and the Czech Republic to perform well.

Great Britain debuted at the WBC 2023, while Australia will be the sole Oceanic representative. South Africa failed to qualify for the 2023 tournament, meaning that Africa is not represented in the tournament.

Behind the Americas, Asia is the best-represented continent, with China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, and South Korea all securing their place at the event.

Fans were eager to see how Shohei Ohtani, Trea Turner, Rafael Devers, and Nola Areando perform as they took to the field this WBC tournament.

Format and Schedule of World Baseball Classic

The draw for the WBC pooled nations into five pots based on their world rankings. Pool C has a lot of attention, with the US, Mexico, Canada, and Great Britain all drawn together.

The top two teams from each group progress to the knockout stage, consisting of the quarter and semi-finals. The final played in Miami on March 21, 2023.

How to Bet on World Baseball Classic & Bet Types

Betting on the World Baseball Classic at is straightforward, choose from the following bet types and read up on our baseball betting guide for more information!

  • Winner (including extra innings): This is a simple bet on which team you think will win a particular fixture in the WBC.

  • Total (including extra innings): A baseball totals bet is a wager on the number of runs you think will be scored, over or under a specific total.

  • Handicap (including extra innings): In a handicap bet , the favourite is given a handicap, and the underdog is given a head start. For your bet on the favourite to win, they will need to overcome their deficit.

  • 1st inning 1x2: Here, you can bet on which team you think will win or lose the first inning.

  • 1st inning total: This bet allows you to place a bet on the total number of points (over/under) you think will be scored in the first inning.

Live Betting Options for World Baseball Classic

Many American baseball fans see international baseball as a bonus and the perfect supplement to the MLB. So, make the most of live betting markets throughout this tournament.

You can break your betting slip down into proposition bets, backing specific outcomes within each inning or placing wagers on your favourite players.

The great thing about live baseball bets is that you can wait for the action to begin before placing your bets, offering you the chance to get a feel for the action first.

World Baseball Classic Betting Odds & Payouts

Whether you place a futures bet on the entire tournament or place wagers on individual fixtures, you need to understand how WBC odds are represented. You will see odds given as fractions, decimals or in the American format.

After reviewing the best baseball odds at, make your selections and decide how much to wager before placing your bets. If you win, you can expect instant payouts thanks to our effortless crypto withdrawal and deposit process.

World Baseball Classic Betting Tips, Picks, & Strategies

If you’re ready to bet on the World Baseball Classic, consider these tips before placing your first wager:

  • Check for injuries: For a team to have the best possible chance at the WBC, it’s really important they have a full roster of players. So, check each team’s injury list before placing your bets.

  • Break bets down into innings: A great way to improve the value of your baseball betting slip is to break your bets down into each inning. This gives you more options when deciding which teams and players to bet on.

  • Do your research: Use statistics to help you make selections when betting on WBC matches to provide you with an upper hand before placing your bets.

Now is the perfect time to bet on the World Baseball Classic at Add crypto to your account, read our sports betting guide , and place your bets to profit from this international baseball tournament.