XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette XXXtreme Lightning Roulette
Edge:  2.70%

Take your live roulette experience to the extreme for an electrifying experience with XXXtreme Lightning Roulette!

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is a live casino game from Evolution . This game takes the traditional casino table game of roulette and adds incredibly fun gameplay mechanics to boost multipliers and lead to potential big prize payouts!

Following the steps of their award-winning Lightning Roulette , XXXtreme Lightning Roulette amps up the energy, randomness and excitement with bonus features such as Chain Lightning and Double Strikes that open the possibility of big multipliers and huge payouts.

As a live casino game from Evolution, XXXTreme Roulette is live-streamed from Evolution's studios with a host to guide players through each round of betting. As bets close and the round begins, random multipliers will make their appearance in the form of Lightning Numbers with Lightning Multipliers ranging from 50x - 500x just like the original game, Lightning Roulette.

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette brings a high volatility element to the live roulette gaming experience and is one of the most popular options for betting live casino games on the Stake crypto casino platform .

How to Play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette on Stake

Following the traditional gameplay of Roulette, the aim of XXXTreme Lightning Roulette is to place a bet that covers the ball landing on a roulette wheel slot from numbers 1 - 36 plus a single zero slot.

Players can bet multiple times with a variety of different betting options covering different odds and payouts based on how likely the player can correctly guess the winning number triggers a winning payout - from guessing colours, odd/even, number ranges and more!

To take advantage of the multiplier aspects of this live casino game, a straight-up bet on a Lightning Number or Chain Lightning Number is needed to payout a multiplier wager.

The Lightning Round Explained

After players place bets during the game rounds, the charismatic host of XXXtreme Roulette pulls a level to introduce the RNG element of the game - Lightning Numbers. anywhere from one to five Lightning Numbers will appear, highlighted in the user interface of the game, with random Lightning Multipliers.

The potential Lightning Multipliers that will randomly appear for each Lightning Number are:

  • 50x

  • 100x

  • 150x

  • 200x

  • 250x

  • 300x

  • 350x

  • 400x

  • 500x

The Chain Lightning Game Mechanic

Each game round is taken to the extreme with the exciting game mechanic, Chain Lightning. Chain Lightning can strike up to nine times in a round, adding Chain Lightning Numbers to the roulette betting numbers. These Chain Lightning Numbers increase the overall number of multipliers available during a game round, with a total of 10 numbers that can potentially have multiplier opportunities.

Much like the Lightning Round, Chain Lightning Numbers light up on the interface to showcase which numbers will have multipliers applied for single straight-up bets for that betting round.

The Double Strikes Features

On top of the Lightning Round and Chain Lightning mechanics, the Double Strikes feature can drastically increase multipliers up to 600x - 2000x on a straight-up bet.

With the opportunities to win big on straight-up bets and well as normal roulette betting mechanics inside bets (Line bet, Corner bet, Street bet, Split bet and Straight Up bet) and outside bets (Low, High, Even, Odd, Red, Black, Dozen, Column), XXXtreme Lightning Roulette takes the authentic live casino experience playing roulette and maximises potential payouts and interactivity with the Lightning Round, Chain Lightning and Double Strikes features!

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