Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Lightning Roulette
Edge:  2.70%

Although Lightning Roulette by Evolution is based on conventional European Roulette, there are some electrifying improvements that you’re going to love.

To begin with, the studio is not your standard live roulette studio. Instead, it looks like a glamorous TV studio set, with the traditional dealer transforming into a game show host.

The quality of this fast-paced, theatrical variation of roulette is superb in HD vision, with amazing graphics and awesome sound. Lighting Roulette is a favourite of live casino fans on the Stake casino .

How to Play Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette has unusual rules, but they are nice and straightforward to follow.

Just like regular roulette , you place the bet of your choice on a single number, group of numbers, or the odd/even or red/black options.

But this is where things get interesting. After the betting is finished, the host pulls a lever to display up to five randomly selected numbers. If one matches a single number bet of yours, then a random win multiplier of between 50x to 500x is applied to your winnings.

It is worth noting, however, that only two or three lucky numbers will typically appear, with five being rare. Furthermore, the payouts in Live Lightning Roulette may differ considerably from those in conventional roulette games.

The game features a statistics tab where you can examine the most recent winning numbers if you wish to play with a plan. You can also change your video perspective and communicate with the dealer and other players via the live chat feature.

Live Casino Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette is unlike any other form of roulette. It is visually appealing and incorporates high-payout RNG Lucky Number wins into each gaming round.

The live wheel, the dealer, and the entire range of Roulette bets are all available in this world-class Live Roulette experience.

Lightning Roulette adds much more for an exhilarating playing experience and more opportunities to win.

Betting Mechanics

Play with a minimum wager of 0.20 every spin, but there is no limit to the number of individual bets you can place each time.

While Live Lightning Roulette is essentially a game of chance, there are certain betting methods and strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning.

Conventional roulette betting applies however due to the nature of Lucky rewards in Live Lightning Roulette, playing single number bets is highly encouraged for even higher payouts.

The Lightning Round Explained

Once players have placed bets during the gameplay rounds, Lightning Roulette’s charismatic host pulls a lever to introduce the game’s RNG feature, Lightning Numbers.

Anywhere from one to five Lightning Numbers with randomised Lightning Multipliers will appear, displayed in the game’s user interface.

The following Lightning Multipliers could appear at random for each Lightning Number:

  • 50x

  • 100x

  • 150x

  • 200x

  • 250x

  • 300x

  • 350x

  • 400x

  • 500x

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

Lightning Roulette is one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live casino games owing to its Lucky Number feature. Let’s give you an example of how it works.

If you place a .50 bet on the number seven, and the Lucky Number 7 activates randomly, you’d better hope the roulette ball stops on the number 7. If it does, you will not win the usual 35:1 payout. Instead, you win 30:1, and this is then multiplied by the random win multiplier – it could be 500x. Nice!

You will always only win 30:1 on single number bets, even if you do not match a Lucky Number. The lower odds allow the casino to pay out bigger winnings for the Lucky Number wins.

Other bets in the game, like columns or red/black, payout in the usual way.

How to Deposit for Lightning Roulette

You can wager with Bitcoin or other available cryptocurrencies on Lightning Roulette and other live casino games.

Follow the instructions below to deposit into your account to play live casino games online and other activities.

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