Promotional Content June 17, 2022 - July 1, 2022

Outlaws Inc $10,000 Hacksaw Promotion

Hit one of the top five multipliers of the day on Outlaws Inc to share in $1,000 every day for the next 10 days!

Prizes Breakdown

– 1st Place
– 2nd Place
– 3rd Place
– 4th Place
– 5th Place

Terms and Conditions

  • Players are only eligible for one prize per day. For example, if you hit the top multiplier of the day, you will only be paid out for first place
  • If multiple players share the same multiplier, the prize amount will be split between them. For example, if two players get a 5,000x and share for 2nd place, they will receive $100 each
  • Any player found to be multi-accounting will not be eligible to receive prizes from this promotion
  • The minimum bet required to be eligible for this tournament is 10c USD or currency equivalent
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for prizes to be paid out for each day. If you believe that you are eligible and do not receive a message with a coupon link, please wait until 72 hours have passed to contact support
  • Winners will be contacted via support within the aforementioned 72 hour payout period
  • Prizes will be paid for the weekdays of the promotion, weekend days will not count. This will start on Friday June 17, pause between June 18-19, start again between June 20-24, pause again between June 25-26 and then run for four more days between June 27 and July 1.