Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal
Edge:  4.58%

Win the big prize on this brand new live game based on the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal! Will you settle for decent prizes or risk it all to win bigger?

Deal or No Deal is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming that mixes up the gameplay of 'spin the wheel' type games and the briefcase revealing Deal or No Deal game show for fun casino gaming.

Players who love betting on the live gambling experience with the theatrics of a hosted studio environment with stunning sets will love Deal or No Deal. The classic game show style game features the traditional 'pick the money in a briefcase' mechanic, but with features to make the game experience work in a live-streamed interactive casino.

The core gameplay is divided into three stages. First, players qualify to enter the game by spinning a wheel, lining up three segments to unlock the vault and gaining access to the core game with multipliers. Players can also top up additional money into the briefcases to increase the prize payout.

Finally, the core mechanics of Deal or No Deal are underway in the main phase of the game. Players aim to win big by either having a big payout or taking a deal from the bank. The host and their lovely assistants open 3 cases, followed by two more rounds of 4 cases being open, with briefcases eliminated and offers from the bank each round. There are 4 game rounds in total where players can take a deal, eliminate the final briefcase or swap briefcases in the final round for a chance to win big!

With bonus symbols, multipliers and a variety of interactive betting and gameplay options, Deal or No Deal is a game that brings excitement to gambling, all from the comfort of your device on an HD quality stream on the casino .

Read on to learn more about playing Deal or No Deal online, or read our live casino game guide for more tips and tricks.

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